Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year from Kruger Real Estate!

I hope everyone had a wonderful festive season and that you’re looking forward to another trip around the sun.

I’m very excited: my new office building is almost complete!

The project has taken a lot longer, and required a lot more of my time than I anticipated, but I’m delighted with the results. I really have to thank my lucky stars (and my brother) that I found such a great builder – his knowledge, experience and expertise – not to mention patience – has been a blessing.

Along with new offices, I’ve also decided on a new logo. In line with my marketing which promotes property near the Kruger Park – I’ve decided to exchange my masked weaver and “real estate that fits you” for a giraffe urging you to “live your wildest dreams”.

We’ve had some pretty wild discussions about which animal we want as our emblem… after all, what does a giraffe say about my company? Do we want realistic looking giraffes, contempory, stylized, cartoons? They’re proving to be very versatile – they can look elegant, inquisitive, superior, supercilious, and comical in turns.

In fact we plan to use a variety of images for different applications. If you have any pictures that we could add to our library, we really would appreciate them.

Life in this corner of the world is still peaceful. We’ve had 460mm of rain to date – and everything is looking fresh and green – with the exception of the mopane trees which are largely devoid of leaves. This years crop of mopane worms was quite phenomenal – as was the number of (human) predators scouring the countryside. It seems amazing that any survive long enough to pupate. And of course there are babies everywhere – I saw the sweetest little gnus in Grietje the other day.

With regard to Zuma’s election – it’s a bit like the land claims… there’s a lot of talk about what they’re going to do and what’s going to happen….. but it all seems to work on Africa time!! I’ve learnt to adopt a wait and see attitude - and in the meantime I’m really enjoying the sunshine!!

Everything of the best for 2008, and thank you for your support!

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Anonymous said...

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