Monday, August 17, 2009

Africa Bush Space - In memoriam: Roland D'Ivry Russel ...

Roland D'Ivry Russel

- the man with a plan -

People that have known and dealt with Roland D'Ivry Russel over the years, will be sad to know that he passed away in February this year.

Ursula, his wife, passed away in December 2008.

Roland will be sadly missed by friends and colleges.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Social Identities

Social Identities are becoming ever more popular - We at Kruger Real Estate intend to keep up with the times and started with a new venture - Going Socail!

Have a look at our profiles and creative input on the following Social Identities:

We are having fun, and so should you! Be sure to add us to your Social Identity so that you can keep up to date with all the developments here at Kruger Real Estate!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Kruger Real Estate

Kruger Real Estate emerged out of the growing demand for property near or incorporated into the Greater Kruger National Park. At Kruger Real Estate, we assist people from all over the world to find the property that best meets their requirements. Our extended knowledge of properties in the Greater Kruger Park area, familiarity with different conservancies and a background in the hospitality industry have been fundamental in rendering clients an informed and professional service.

Kruger Real Estate is exploring an exciting new aspect: Kruger Residential. We believe that Phalaborwa offers a unique lifestyle opportunity to families who want to combine the proximity of the Kruger National Park with the convenience of urban living.

We strive to supply you, as a potential buyer or seller of property, with service that is informed, professional and supportive. We offer regular progress reports, keep you updated with the latest market trends and provide insight into the various facets of property tax.

We look forward to a long and happy association!

KRUGER REAL ESTATE TEL: +27 (0) 15 781 7177
P.O. BOX 1370 FAX: +27 (0) 88 015 781 7177
Phalaborwa EMAIL:
1390 URL:

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New premises, new look

Yes, we've moved into our new offices! We're now situated at 45b Lekkerbreek Street, Phalaborwa (just across the road from our old offices). The telephones are connected (same number), the network's up and running, so all we've got to do now is let the dust settle and get used to where everything lives in our new home.

We're delighted with our new image too - the giraffes have been a lot of fun for our designer and we hope you'll like our new web site as much as we do. As well as streamlining the navigation system and speeding up the site's loading time, we've added a few fun features: you just have to see the downloadable wallpaper...

If you have any comments, please feel free to contact us (see our web site for details). And don't forget...

Live your wildest dreams!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year from Kruger Real Estate!

I hope everyone had a wonderful festive season and that you’re looking forward to another trip around the sun.

I’m very excited: my new office building is almost complete!

The project has taken a lot longer, and required a lot more of my time than I anticipated, but I’m delighted with the results. I really have to thank my lucky stars (and my brother) that I found such a great builder – his knowledge, experience and expertise – not to mention patience – has been a blessing.

Along with new offices, I’ve also decided on a new logo. In line with my marketing which promotes property near the Kruger Park – I’ve decided to exchange my masked weaver and “real estate that fits you” for a giraffe urging you to “live your wildest dreams”.

We’ve had some pretty wild discussions about which animal we want as our emblem… after all, what does a giraffe say about my company? Do we want realistic looking giraffes, contempory, stylized, cartoons? They’re proving to be very versatile – they can look elegant, inquisitive, superior, supercilious, and comical in turns.

In fact we plan to use a variety of images for different applications. If you have any pictures that we could add to our library, we really would appreciate them.

Life in this corner of the world is still peaceful. We’ve had 460mm of rain to date – and everything is looking fresh and green – with the exception of the mopane trees which are largely devoid of leaves. This years crop of mopane worms was quite phenomenal – as was the number of (human) predators scouring the countryside. It seems amazing that any survive long enough to pupate. And of course there are babies everywhere – I saw the sweetest little gnus in Grietje the other day.

With regard to Zuma’s election – it’s a bit like the land claims… there’s a lot of talk about what they’re going to do and what’s going to happen….. but it all seems to work on Africa time!! I’ve learnt to adopt a wait and see attitude - and in the meantime I’m really enjoying the sunshine!!

Everything of the best for 2008, and thank you for your support!

Monday, December 03, 2007

We're moving!

You'd think that we'd be fed up with the whole moving home process, being in our business. But no, we're taking the big step ourselves shortly and will be moving premises early in the new year. After much preparation, we bought a small slice of ground on the main road through Phalaborwa and are in the process of having the new offices built to our own design.

It's been exciting and scary, but it's definitely time to move to larger offices. We've been feeling rather cramped in our current place!

So watch this space... we'll post a photo of the new place as soon as it's finished!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Why is there never enough time?!

I’m turning into my mother!! I used to listen to her bemoaning the fact that there were never enough hours in a day – now I’m singing the same song!!

The property market has dropped off considerably by comparison to last year, due to the hike in interest rates, the new fica laws kicking in, and the fact that the land claims commissioner has turned his attention to the Phalaborwa area.

It would be logical to assume that I’d have more time on my hands.

In fact my agency has grown, people are taking more time and looking more carefully at the options available in the property market, and I got sidetracked doing a Specialist Course in Sectional Title through Paddocks and the University of Cape Town.

It’s a sad thing in South Africa that there aren’t more training programs for Estate Agents. The larger franchises have some in house training and motivational courses, but otherwise it’s pretty much a vacuum out there.

Anyway, classes are now over and I can concentrate on business once again.

I’ve decided to concentrate on holiday homes, farms and lodges, which require a different set of skills to the residential market.

That said, I will be taking on the marketing of some of the new (for Phalaborwa) lock up and go cluster developments that are coming on the market. Investors take note!!

So between marketing, looking at properties for sale, writing to potential buyers, keeping up with the admin, and trying not to neglect my family and friends, I keep finding I’m running out of time!!