Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Why is there never enough time?!

I’m turning into my mother!! I used to listen to her bemoaning the fact that there were never enough hours in a day – now I’m singing the same song!!

The property market has dropped off considerably by comparison to last year, due to the hike in interest rates, the new fica laws kicking in, and the fact that the land claims commissioner has turned his attention to the Phalaborwa area.

It would be logical to assume that I’d have more time on my hands.

In fact my agency has grown, people are taking more time and looking more carefully at the options available in the property market, and I got sidetracked doing a Specialist Course in Sectional Title through Paddocks and the University of Cape Town.

It’s a sad thing in South Africa that there aren’t more training programs for Estate Agents. The larger franchises have some in house training and motivational courses, but otherwise it’s pretty much a vacuum out there.

Anyway, classes are now over and I can concentrate on business once again.

I’ve decided to concentrate on holiday homes, farms and lodges, which require a different set of skills to the residential market.

That said, I will be taking on the marketing of some of the new (for Phalaborwa) lock up and go cluster developments that are coming on the market. Investors take note!!

So between marketing, looking at properties for sale, writing to potential buyers, keeping up with the admin, and trying not to neglect my family and friends, I keep finding I’m running out of time!!

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